Is Franchise Ownership The Right Choice For You?

So you want to be your own boss, running your own business. But you are not sure where to start, what resources you need, how to market products and services, how to hire and train employees, etc. Perhaps owning a franchise could be the right choice for you.


Franchising is about following a proven and successful system. The ability and willingness to follow directions is a key marker of someone who would make a good franchisee. After all, if the franchisor has already established a franchise model that works, a person would be wasting time and money if they tried to fight the system and create something different. Franchise ownership is often correctly referred to as: “In business for yourself, but not by yourself”.

Independent business operators take on a lot of risk when trying to launch a new business. Starting a business from scratch is hard work, and more than half of new, non-franchised, independent businesses fail to become profitable. And more than 70% are no longer under the control of original ownership after 5 years. Compare this to the 90+ percent success rate for franchise businesses. Consider these facts:


  • The Franchising industry employs over 8.5 million people in North America.
  • The annual payroll for franchises is more than $300 billion.
  • A new franchise is 2.5 times more likely to succeed than a non-franchised business.
  • Franchising generated one out of every seven jobs in the private sector.

Buying a franchise dramatically decreases the learning curve for the new franchise business owner. Knowledge of “best practices” is acquired quickly via training and on-going support from the franchisor. The independent start-up learns by trial-and-error, which is difficult, and often a costly course facing the independent business owner.


At Business Finders Canada we have the experience and resources to guide and coach you to discover if Franchise Ownership is your best alternative. Utilizing a step by step consultative process we help you clearly identify your business strengths, skills, likes and dislikes in context of your personal and professional goals. With this understanding, Business Finders Canada can match you with franchise business opportunities that are best suited for your unique profile.


Business Finders Canada have established relationships with top “A” plus franchise companies across many sectors. We will pave the way for you and simplify your investigation and research. This will help you avoid wasting a tremendous amount of time and money trying to find the perfect franchise amongst the 3500 plus franchise companies in North America.


With our franchise and business valuation experience on your side we are with you every step of the way. Our service is No Cost to You. We earn our fees from the Franchise company.

Put the Business Finders Canada Advantage to work for you.