Selling your pharmacy is a major decision!


You have devoted your time, money, and energy into building, running, and operating your pharmacy. It may represent your life’s work. If you’ve decided that now is the right time to sell, you want the very best professional guidance you can get. Working in tandem with a professional from StillwellRx can make the difference between just getting rid of your pharmacy and selling it for the very best price and terms.


We help business owners sell their business in a confidential manner to a pre-qualified buyer.


We provide a consultation at no obligation where we’ll outline our business sale and marketing plan that outlines the steps we take to protect confidentiality and the ways we find buyers.

StillwellRX offers…

  • Confidentiality at all times – before, during and after the sale – backed by non-disclosure agreements!
  • Qualified buyers by net worth, credit and experience – they must qualify prior to disclosure!
  • Valuation – we can put a professional value on your business!
  • We disclose all materials for review!
  • Expertise – Guy has walked in you shoes and will always do what is best for you.
  • Network Marketing – We only take listings we feel we can sell!
  • We earn our fee by getting the sale closed

Take control of your sale.

The largest issue concerning the sale of a pharmacy is insufficient and inaccurate information. At StillwellRx, we know the industry inside and out, and have closed sales at every level. We will expertly and accurately present your pharmacy to buyers with a proprietary method that maximizes your value.

We know that your pharmacy is different from any other pharmacy out there, and will treat you exactly that way. By having StillwellRx in your corner, you can rest assured that the sale of your pharmacy is being handled in the most exceptional way possible, and nothing is slipping through the cracks.

We’re here to protect you while providing a thorough understanding of the marketplace so you don’t repeat the mistakes made by others.

Common Mistakes
• Poor Planning
• Misunderstanding Valuation Techniques
• Improper Information by Others
• Relying on Advice from Wholesalers, Buyers, and Sales Reps

In order to prepare a business for sale, you should gather all the information that a potential buyer will ask for and rely on when making a buying decision. Undertake a thorough review of the company books, and other corporate records and ensure that all are complete and up to date. Similarly, make sure that all tax returns, government filings and licences have been been completed, filed and are current.