“When my husband Paul and I decided to retire, we hoped to sell our pharmacy to an independent. We had been a Medicine Shoppe for twenty years, then “The Medicine Cabinet” for the last five years. However, we could not find anyone locally who was able to purchase our pharmacy. A chain store had given us an offer, but we had serious reservations about accepting it. Paul was a compounding pharmacist and had a number of specialty patients. It was likely that with the sale to a chain these services would be eliminated. Furthermore, the chain told us that only one of out employees would be hired. We worried about our patients, customers, and staff. They depended on Paul.

We approached Guy Stillwell to look over the contract from the chain. He explained that our pharmacy could continue its tradition, stay in the same location, continue to take care of our patients, and generate a higher selling price. He established rapport with us, listened to our concerns, and offer his services. He was professional, thorough, and competent in representing us. He brought us an offer from a buyer who would keep our pharmacy going, and the offer was considerably more than the chain. Throughout the process, Guy kept us informed, answered all our questions, gave guidance, and made the transaction much easier than we believed possible.

Today the pharmacy continues to provide the services our patients became accustomed to. We recommend Guy to other pharmacy owners without hesitation.”

Martha A., The Medicine Cabinet, Springfield, Ohio

“I felt the need to call an end to owning my own pharmacy. Now don’t think for a minute that you are hearing from a loser and quitter. My pharmacy did about two and a half million gross every year the last six years. I did it as the only pharmacist with six very good technicians. We had six computer stations besides the main station & ran four cash registers.

Seventy years of age, no vacations, third party pay & burgeoning regulations just burnt me out. The idea of selling the pharmacy scared the heck out of me. I was sure that I’d take a big loss & dreaded going through the details of closing it out. A man named Guy Stillwell was recommended to me. Some background checking on him impressed me. First of all he had a pharmacy background & a long line of successful pharmacy sales. When we met, I found him to be a comfortable man to work with.

Guy Stillwell soon had several independent pharmacies & several chains wanting the business. He did a great job & got top dollar for me. He kept me well informed as he went and he walked me through the closing.”

John T., West Plains, Missouri

“The most important thing to us was to make sure the neighborhood pharmacy STAYED as neighborhood pharmacy. We took care of our patients for almost eighteen years. They deserved a smooth transition to pharmacists who would continue the fine service our people were accustomed to.

Patients who come to a pharmacy deserve personalized service, the kind of care independent pharmacies are known for. Guy Stillwell understood our needs. He understood that transferring a pharmacy is a process that requires time, expertise, patience and trust. All of these pieces need to fit in order for both parties to be satisfied with the outcome.”

Julie J., Executive Vice President and CEO, Minnesota Pharmacists Association Roseville, Minnesota 55113